Monday, August 13, 2012

Are You Using the Law of Attraction in Reverse?

Do you know how powerful you are? Do you know that you are so powerful that every thought you have is creating an aspect of your reality? You are so powerful that each intention of your thought is manifesting…creating…designing the shape, structure and architecture of your life.

This is so empowering to know and equally as frightening to realise that every thought you think manifests in your life. Mike Dooley said it best when he said, Thoughts become things. The scary thing is that, because we have hundreds of thoughts we are not aware of and because thought happens so quickly and travels faster in the human body then the speed of light, we are often unaware of the negativity we are manifesting in our lives. We actually begin to use the Law of Attraction in reverse…yikes!
 Each thought we have stems from our beliefs, which are our filters for viewing the world. We collect beliefs through every experience. We create stories and meanings in our mind which then become our reality.  As we have a thought we create a picture in our subconscious mind. From that picture we attach a positive or negative feeling. That feeling then creates energy in the body or what we refer to as emotion. Emotion can therefore be seen as energy in motion. So the process of emotion flows like this:  beliefthought feelingemotionenergy

From the Quantum Physics and The Law of Attraction we know that thoughts create feelings and feelings create an energy or vibration. Each feeling holds a frequency which we send out to universal energy. The Universe absorbs this frequency and then sends us back energy at the same frequency we gave out.
So we understand that what we give out we get back and that like attracts like. We can all relate to walking into a room and feeling a negative vibe or feeling a negative vibe or energy from a person who is upset, angry or anxious. We also know that when we are happy we feel highly energised and when we feel anxious sad or depressed we have no energy. Our energy seems to expand when we are positive and contract when we are negative. The following chart shows a mapping of the frequency levels of emotion.

From this chart you can easily see how low and contracted your energy is when you engage in emotions like fear, guilt and shame. So when our energy is  low and we begin to send out low frequencies, our energy then blends with lower frequencies or negative frequencies in the universe and we begin to manifest in reverse. Instead of manifesting magnificence we begin to manifest chaos, negativity and stress.
Here are 6 keys to shift your manifestation powers from reverse to drive…
The first step and the most important step is to belief in this process. If we believe it we can achieve it. We therefore must believe that our beliefs create our reality and also understand that our beliefs are created by our perceptions and decisions and can be shifted with the right focus and understanding. We have to belief that we can challenge our beliefs, as Byron Katie says, You do not have to believe every thought you have.
What we also must realise is what Bruce Lipton calls, The Biology of Beliefs, where we understand that our beliefs make up our internal biology or biochemistry. This biology is programmed through our conscious and subconscious minds. Both our subconscious and our conscious mind take in information through our five senses.
The conscious mind is the objective mind, the logical mind and the mind connected to the physical world. The conscious mind is limited to what we see and perceive around us and can take in about 40 bits of information per second. The conscious mind can also be seen as the gatekeeper filtering in what we want to perceive or don’t want to perceive from the world around us.
The subconscious mind is linked to our right brain function and is the storage system of the mind. In our subconscious mind we take in about 40 million bits of information per second. All that information gets stored in our subconscious mind and still remains active even though we are unaware of it. Those subconscious beliefs and thoughts run automatically on auto pilot below the surface of our conscious mind and it is these subconscious beliefs which are actually involved in the manifestation process.
Because these subconscious beliefs are then influencing and programming the conscious mind, we then work towards what we are subconsciously believing. We may, for example, want a powerful loving relationship, yet in our subconscious thoughts think and feel we are not worthy to have one. And when there is such a conflict between what we desire and what we believe, we begin to manifest in reverse...manifesting towards what we believe or fear rather then what we want. The universe in turn supports what we believe not what we desire.
Awareness is the key to shifting and transforming these subconscious beliefs. We must begin to journey within ourselves and become aware of that internal programmed dialogue so that we can notice what we are thinking about and therefore become aware of what we are manifesting.
This is a process I simply call...Catching your thoughts. This involves catching or noticing a negative thought and then quickly disengaging from that thought before it creates a feeling or in turn begins to shape behaviour. Once you catch your thought you can briefly acknowledge its origin in fear and turn it a more positive and empowering thought.
When we realise that the origin of our thoughts stem from fear we can then realise that the initial intention of that thought is FEAR. Intention from fear will yield a fearful result.
Everything in our universe is created from an intention and it is this intention that determines the direction or destiny of that creation. Based on that intention energy  can therefore be created from fear or from faith. As per that emotional chart above, an intention from fear will vibrate at a low energy level and therefore attract fear or validate fear. Once intention is shifted to Faith then that energy will vibrate on a higher level yielding positive results. Once we clarify and take ownership and control of our intention, then we can define our results even more.
Once we become aware of our beliefs and our intention it is important for us to CLEAR OUT THE JUNK IN THE TRUNK!  Coaching and therapy can help you unfold the limiting beliefs if you are struggling to access them yourself. Otherwise create some reflective space for yourself to connect with your subconscious mind and purify and cleanse those toxic thoughts.
Once those toxic thoughts are cleansed we can turn them around and transform them into positive empowering thoughts which create positive and expanded energy. When those thoughts are clear and pure and positive you will be back to manifesting full steam ahead...the more pure and the clearer your thoughts, the faster you will manifest.
This is a process of inner alchemy where you can turn your inner darkness into sparkling glowing light and power.
The empowered state is the place of positive manifestation. This is the moment when our inner beliefs align in perfection with our desires and in that alignment we connect with what we are looking for.
This empowered state holds the highest vibration of energy and enthusiasm and it is that enthusiasm which the universe responds to. And it is in this empowered state that we move from trying to survive to thrive!
"Cells are like miniature people. Each one has its own intelligence, its own immune system, and can survive outside of the body....
Your body is made up of 50 trillion individual cells living as a community, but your mind is the government. When the government works in harmony with the people, then the people thrive..."

Bruce Lipton


To your truth and freedom,


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