Tuesday, February 23, 2016

Lessons from My Zen Master (who is also my 2 year old son)

I have this wonderful little man in my life who, although can challenge me to tears some days, is also teaching me the most amazing life lessons. His name is Jai and he happens to be my 2 year old son.

Going back to have my third child in my forties has been quite a journey. When I had my older kids in my twenties and thirties, I was so busy finding me and busy in life...navigating myself in a new marriage, running a stressful business, finding my voice… 

And today, although there are moments when my body says, hey lady you are in your mid-forties, I am able to see things through a greater sense of wisdom and clarity and feel like this time round I am more present, engaged and aware that I am being shown such simple yet profound lessons from these beautiful gems in my life.

So here are my favorite five lessons from my little Buddha:

There is only this moment
Jai has no construct of time, there is only now! No tomorrow, no yesterday, no next week, no in a couple hours… only now. When he is playing with something he is fully immersed in it (well, for a few precious seconds) and finds the joy in whatever he does. He doesn’t multitask or try and fit in as much as he can in one day, he is not focused on how productive he is being or if he is winning or losing…all he has is this very moment.

I cannot rush him as that is when the tantrums erupt, I am learning to live on toddler time, and give us more time to get places and do less each day. I love the idea of toddler time, there is total freedom and joy and total mindfulness.

Life is about getting messy 

Oh yeah! By the end of Jai’s day he has stepped in some serious mud, picked up all sorts of dirt from the garden, whatever he has consumed is all-over himself, and he is sticky, sweaty and smelly. Yet it does not bother him and he has taught me to roll up my sleeves and get messy… roll in the mud , sink your hands in and embrace life.

At what stage did we forget to play and get messy?

It’s all about me.
At some stage we develop that awful disease to please and put others first over ourselves. But not the toddler…My needs come first, there is no disease to please or being a martyr.

Their needs come first and what they need matters. They do not second guess themselves or question their needs. They need and then ask…it’s very simple!

At some stage we develop self-doubt and question our self-worth…imagine we stayed in the tenacity and confidence of the toddler?

My needs are simple
I often think I need to be doing more with him…take him to a play centre, the zoo, park etc …but his needs are simple and do not need to be complicated. His happiness is simple eat, s**t, play, sleep, enjoy the sunshine, have fun, be curious, find an adventure and explore!

This is such a beautiful lesson because as adults we tend to complicate our lives and we forget the basic elements which truly light us up and bring us joy. Happiness is simple!

All we need is love

Yes, there needs to be boundaries and guidelines and of course there needs to be safety rules, yet what makes him thrive is to bath him in love and kisses and lots of cuddles.

He will learn his way and discover his own lessons…all I need to do is love him unconditionally and let him know that he has a safe place to land no matter what! Unconditional love teaches us that we are valued and have unique gifts to offer the world.

This is our greatest human need and everything else is insignificant. I do not need to over parent or parent from fear, love is simple!

The toddler is being their essence, their true authentic self which encompasses all their uniqueness, joy, wisdom and presence. Imagine if we were all able to stay in this space of simplicity and truth?

I’d love to hear about the lessons you learn from the kids in your life? Please feel free to share here.

To your truth and freedom with lots of love,


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Tuesday, February 9, 2016

10 Great Ways to Show Your Love this Valentine’s Day

With all the commercialism around us, it is hard not be swept up in the material hype over Valentine’s Day. And although, in reality, it is a day of bliss for retailers,  it is hard not to have any expectations or get caught up in the hype around giving and receiving on the day.

But, here’s the thing…each one of us has a unique way in which we need to be loved. This is called our love strategy or our internal love tank of knowing whether we are loved or not. If our love tank is full, we feel safe and open and thrive in a relationship. When our love tank is empty we feel depleted, unfulfilled and even resentful.

Based on our childhood experiences we develop this unique love strategy which means we have our own internal narrative or belief system around what it means to love and be loved.

And because all our actions and behaviors are based on our own internal perspectives, we tend to show a person love in the way that we need to be loved, which is a great intention, however, is not necessarily the way in which they need to be loved. And so all our attempts to love a person fall on empty hearts because we are not speaking their language. And that can be disempowering and frustrating, especially when you really do care so much for a person and want to fulfill them.

The easiest way to understand a person’s love strategy or love language is to understand how they process information as well as an understanding of how they were shown love as a child. The way we process information is through our senses, mainly seeing, hearing and feeling.

Visual lovers need to see it. They notice a look you give them, they need the physical gifts and they need some form of visual representation of love, like flowers for example.

Auditory lovers need to hear it. They will be sensitive to your tone, will love you to tell them words of affirmation or recognition. They love to hear it through music or poetry.

Kinaesthetic lovers need to feel it. These tactile lovers want connection, touch intimacy, acts of kindness or service and go by the way you feel as well as the way they feel. They may have felt your presence and got a gut feel before they saw you.

Now you may be saying, I think my lover is all of the above, and yes you are right, we do need all of them, yet there will be one that will make more of an impact. Best practice, if you are unsure, is to try and fulfill them all and notice which one you get the best reaction to.

Another point to add into the mix, is what I have noticed for almost 10 years in my coaching business. On a deep innate level, men want to be recognized and appreciated and women want to be seen or heard (really understood and accepted). The ability to truly appreciate your man or to truly see your woman for all that she is will completely light them up inside.

So, bringing it all together, here are 10 great ways you can show those you love how you feel in a deep and meaningful way which will speak to the core of who they are:

  1. For Visual lovers: Create a photobook with all the best times you have had together and how seeing them happy makes you happy. This is like a collection of all the moments I love you book.
  2. Or create a photo book showing them all the beauty you see in them and why they are unique and special to you.
  3. Create a gift basket of all of their favorite things which they may not usually spend on themselves. Hint: Those beautiful turquoise blue boxes from "T&CO" were made for visual lovers J
  4. Make a video message for your partner telling them how much you love them or all the reasons you love them and why, in a sea of billions of fish, you chose them.
  5. For your lovers who need to hear it make them a recording in a loving tone telling them how much you love them and why(tip: make this about them not really what you get from them)
  6. Play them a beautiful song or poem which symbolizes your love. Put together a CD or playlist of all their favorite songs
  7. For your lovers who need to feel you, give them a day voucher of complete quality time- whatever they want to do together with the promise you will be fully engaged and present
  8. Make them a romantic, relaxing bath
  9. Offer them a sensual or relaxing massage which means you will check in with them, where all their “hot spots” are or places they most enjoy being massaged (touched).
  10. Make a coupon or voucher book which offers them free vouchers of all special acts of kindness or service they may need.
By shifting your focus away from expressing your love language to intentionally focusing on how you can fulfill your partner’s unique way, will mean a greater connection and union based on unconditional love and acceptance.

The most important ingredient in all of this is to tap into all the self-love you have within yourself so that you are full and complete and don’t need your partner to complete you or fulfill you, but want to share in a blissful heart-centered union with your soul mate with no expectations or wanting anything in return.

Oh and feel free to forward this blog to your partner as a helpful hint J

Have a loving day!

To your truth and freedom with lots of love,


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Sunday, January 17, 2016

10 Self Coaching Questions to Help You Move Forwards

One of the best gifts you get from investing in a life coaching journey is the ability to self-coach yourself out of difficult situations to shift your mindset and move forwards with calmness and clarity.

Self-coaching questions are questions you ask yourself to bring fear and negative thinking to a halt, allow yourself to pause and ask yourself a question that activates new ways of thinking and new perspectives. 

These new thoughts shift your perception and help you see a situation from a multitude of sides and then chose which perspective or decision feels most empowering for you.

Without having these powerful circuit breakers, fear gets the better of us and we end up reacting to a situation emotionally which leaves us filled with shame, guilt, regret and dis-empowerment.

Having powerful questions to ask yourself in a moment of doubt, fear or dis-empowerment will help you break away from sabotaging behaviors and it is like having the voice of your life coach in your ear guiding you towards a good decision.

And each time you are able to make empowering moment to moment decisions for yourself, you will lift your confidence and self-respect.

So here are my top 10 SELF COACHING QUESTIONS I teach my clients to help them
move forwards from difficult situations.

  1. What would I do if I felt courage, right now? This question is designed to shake you out of fear, but instead of telling yourself to stop being fearful, your focus is shifted to courage and to help you identify how your decisions can be shaped by having courage
  2. What decision would I make if I showed myself self-respect? Instead of sabotaging yourself and giving in to emotion and addictive behavior, this question directs your focus towards self respect and helps you make decisions which increase self-respect which in turn increase self-worth.
  3. What if I had total trust right now? IIf emotion was laid out along a spectrum, Fear and trust would be at the two opposite sides. Trusting yourself and trusting in a higher power helps you embrace uncertainty, helps you be more present and resilient and trust holds your mental wellness like the trunk of a tree, holding you strong and centered.
  4. What is standing in the way of my success?I love this question. This question helps you gain awareness around what sabotaging or limiting behaviors, such us bad habits and negative thinking, are standing in your way.
  5. What/who is draining my energy? When you are able to catch the energy vampires and protect your energy field, you are able to stop others from draining you.

    Although we don’t realize this, it is so important, because the lack of awareness means we take on other people’s STUFF and lose our center and focus.
  6. How can I take my power back? Do you need to step back or speak up? Standing your ground and speaking up for yourself will give you your power back. Sometimes the same can be achieved in walking away as well.
  7. What is my truth and how can I speak my truth right now? Sometimes we get lost in who we need to be and how we can please others and in doing so we lose ourselves and what is our true authentic state. This question is designed to help align you back to you and what matters most to you. It allows you to put yourself first and empower yourself.
  8. How can I take charge of this situation? This question helps get you out of victim mentality where we withdraw in self-pity instead of taking responsibility. It stops you from hiding in the comfort of avoidance and procrastination and allows you to take charge and take the necessary action steps.
  9. What do I need to let go of to move forwards right now? Are you holding onto the past, holding onto negative belief systems or holding on to situations that are not bringing you joy?

    Living in the past or future will rob you from the joy of this present moment. So this question allows you to gain awareness around what you are holding onto and help yourself to let go and move forwards.
  10. Am I seeing this situation clearly; am I seeing things for the way they are? This question allows you to have compassion and empathy without just instantly taking things personally. The moment you take things personally you judge yourself and others and you define the situation by that judgment.

    Life is never one dimensional, there are always many different perspectives and scenarios happening at one time, so by asking yourself this question you can stop and observe all the dimensions of a situation and notice what is really going on.

    For example if a person is 
    criticizing you or putting you down, by stopping and noticing if you are seeing the situation clearly means you will now observe what else is going on for that person and notice that perhaps they are projecting their own fear or limitations onto you.

In order to experience the benefits of these questions, the key is to REMEMBER TO REMEMBER…remember to STOP and break the negative thinking and then replace that negative thought with a powerful self-coaching question.

Please let me know how these start to work for you!

To your truth and freedom with lots of love,

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Tuesday, December 29, 2015

16 ways to make 2016 your most extraordinary year!

I love how here in Australia and in many other countries New Years is marked with an explosion of fireworks. What a powerful symbol! It is as if we are blowing up the past, turning it into beautiful shiny bits and then having a clear new path to create a new year of magic.

2015 brought some great challenges so let’s let go of the hardships and the negatives, let’s blow them up and turn them into shiny golden nuggets of learning. Lessons we can take with us to make this a fantastic year for us.

Year are my 16 golden nuggets to help you have an extraordinary year!

  1. Live in the moment – focus on the individual magic each day brings. When we live in the moment we maximize our time and we are more engaged in everything we do.
  2. Be with people who make you feel good about yourself and belief in you- let go of the energy drainers and the people you walk away from where you feel bad about yourself or in a negative space. These people do not serve you and do not make you happy so surround yourself with people who believe in you and who uplift you.
  3. Respect yourself – eat well, sleep well, speak well and do everything you can to respect you are and what you need to thrive. This gives you a great sense of integrity and pride for yourself.
  4. Move your body – keep yourself active and healthy. Do not let emotion build up in your body, causing you to become drained and cloudy. Do any form of movement which uplifts you and makes you feel lighter and brighter.
  5. Get it done! 2016 is a 9 year, which symbolizes completion. So this is the year to complete those tasks you have started!
  6. Make new friends- expand your horizons and meet new people who mirror your growth and reflect back to you the greatness present in your life.
  7. Focus at least 20 minutes a day on a creative outlet- blocked creative energy can turn to feelings of anxiety, depression and addictive behavior. So follow your bliss without inner judgment or shame. Have fun creatively as if you were re-living your childhood freedom.
  8. Challenge yourself – do not tolerate self-doubt, self-pity, self sabotage or self-loathing. These negative selves stop you from being your best. So challenge these and turn them into self belief, self sufficiency, self respect and self love.
  9. Let go of the past- grab the lessons and move on. Holding on to the past will only keep you stuck in the same feelings
  10. Let go of expectations – turn expectations into acceptance. Accept where you are, accept who you are and accept those around you for who they are.
  11. Save more, spend less – build financial security by being smart and responsible with your savings.
  12. Invest in a life coach or a therapist who will push you out of your comfort zone- now is your time to expand. I thrive when I am being challenged. Let go of any out dated beliefs which no longer serve you.
  13. Express your love and gratitude to your loved ones daily- gratitude keeps your heart open and when we express our gratitude to those around them and let them know they are loved they open too.
  14. Spend intimate time with your partner- let go petty arguments, be present to what your partner needs and listen with your heart.
  15. Have no regrets- say what needs to be said and do what needs to be done.
  16. Try something new – enroll in a course or do something you have never done before

 Each New Year starts as an empty canvas awaiting our experiences to paint its picture. Let’s make it a great one!

Thank you for your support this year in following my blog!

To your truth and freedom with lots of love,

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Monday, December 21, 2015

What Bad Habits are you leaving behind in 2015? Here’s a quick exercise to help

The end of year always brings a great time to reflect on the past and get clear on what you want to the next year to bring. And one of the most obvious yet often overlooked aspects of our lives is the bad habits we keep repeating year after year, keeping us stuck in the same reality. 

If we do not gain self-awareness around what bad habits are blocking us we will blindly continue to do what we always do, and will never evolve to a new more resourceful way of being.

So here is a quick and effective self-awareness exercise to help you gain clarity around what bad habits need to be left behind in 2015 so that you can leap into 2016 with greater clarity and awareness and truly allow yourself to step up and go to places you have not allowed yourself to go to before.

Print out these questions and give yourself about an hour to slowly meditate on the questions and answer as specifically and as detailed as possible…

  1. What bad habits are limiting my potential?
  2. In what ways are these bad habits limiting me?
  3. What am I missing out on as a result of my bad habits?
  4. What will be present in my life once I get rid of my bad habits? (List 10 concrete things you can think of which will be present once bad habits are shed)
  5. What prevents me from changing?
  6. What needs to happen in order for change to occur?
  7. What support do I need?
  8. What is a new positive habit that I can replace my old one with? (Answer this one for each bad habit listed)
  9. How can I reinforce my positive habit?
  10. How can I rewards myself for developing these habits?
Once you have identified your new habits, write those out clearly on their own piece of paper and stick that up where you can see them daily to help remind you what habits and behaviors you are working towards this coming year. You can also list them on your phone and use as a screen saver as reinforcement.

List your bad habits on their own separate piece of paper and do a letting go exercise by tearing it up into little pieces and burning. This allows you to emotionally and energetically commit to letting go and shedding your old self. (Great to do this upcoming full moon).

As you shed your old unresourceful habits you allow yourself to grow higher into your authentic self- the best version of you!

Enjoy and please email me if you need some help.

Wishing you a very a happy new year!

To your truth and freedom with lots of love,

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Tuesday, December 8, 2015

22 Insights from an Evening with Oprah

I was privileged to see Oprah speak in Melbourne live last week, and thought it would be great to share with you the insights I took from that evening! 

Such simple truths were shared which spoke straight to the wisdom of my soul. 


1.When you don’t know what to do and feel lost get still and listen to the whispers of your inner voice. You cannot hear your inner voice when the outside noise and outside voices are drowning it out.

    2. There is no life without spiritual life

    3. Be obedient to the voice of your inner calling. Your legacy is to leave a heart print on those lives you come into contact with.

    4.You must understand what the soul has come here to do and use the personality to serve the purpose of your soul.

5. No one can touch you when you are being authentically you

6. When things go wrong, it is life’s way of moving you to something new and something better. There is no such thing as failure, it is moving you in another direction
Life is validated through service with others; ask yourself, how do I use what I do to serve others and watch your life take off.

    8. Everyone is searching for the same inner need, to be heard, let people know you hear them.

    9. For every action there is an equal and opposite reaction- everything you put out will come back to you in some way or another.
    10. You are the co-creator of your life and create your life based on your intention. Get clear on your intention. You are responsible for your intention because your intention determines what is coming back to you on the other side.

 11. “I am the Master of my fate; I am the captain of my soul.” Invictus

 12. You are energetically always drawing things towards you.

 13. You become what you believe- what is the greatest belief you can have for yourself

 14. The energy you use to carry those beliefs is the energy you carry into your life

 15. Be responsible for the energy you bring into a room

 16. Let go of the ‘disease to please’ speak your truth and set your boundaries. It’s ok to say no.

 17. The greatest energy and power is love. Love is grace and kindness

 18. Fear, anxiety, depression, rage, anger and pain all stem from the belief that I am not worthy.

 19. When trouble comes in, ask yourself, what is it here to teach me? Ask yourself, why does this keep showing up in my life?

 20. In times of turmoil, remember, you are building strength. Create a new vision to see yourself from a new perspective, you are always getting a second chance.   

       21.In the midst of troubles, always look for ways to be grateful. Keep a gratitude journal.

 22. Build sustainable success and claim your power

These messages spoke to the depth and wisdom within my heart and reminded me that everything I have is within me and all I need to do is get still and listen.

Which insights speak most to you?

To your truth and freedom with lots of love,


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Thursday, November 19, 2015

A simple technique to protect yourself from someone else's projection!

Don’t you hate it when someone projects their stuff onto you?

Projection is a subconscious coping mechanism to help a person deflect a challenging situation away from themselves and place the attention onto another person. In order to protect themselves from feeling unease a person displaces their emotion elsewhere. It can also be referred to as blame shifting whereby a person blames another person rather than owning the feelings or the reality within themselves leaving them to play the role as the victim.

The ‘proud projector’ disowns parts of themselves by highlighting or seeing them in others. This is the key to understanding projection because what a person is purging onto another is actually the parts of themselves they dislike or refuse to take responsibility for.

Imagine the scenario of standing in a supermarket line gazing out in front of you. You catch the glimpse of the person in front of you who is frustrated about waiting in a line. As your eyes meet they say, why are you giving me such a bad look- what did I ever do to you? This type of perception can only happen because they are in a negative state and possibly have a lower self-image and because this aggression is within them, they see it in you.

Projection can be hurtful, negative and completely dis-empowering when we do not have clear awareness around what is going on and we passively take on energy from another person. The minute we buy into what the other person is saying or projecting onto us, then we take on that feeling and it affects us emotionally. We can feel ourselves shrink the moment we take on the negative and we can hear our inner thoughts move from clarity towards self-doubt or self-criticism.

This is normally what projection sounds like:

You always do this…
You are so irritating when you do that…
You are such a blah blah blah….

As you can see the common word is YOU!

The moment your subconscious mind hears the word YOU, you will have a natural mechanism to defend yourself, so instinctively you will react back.  Your reaction would then throw fuel to an already sensitive fire, and that person would then attack back- creating conflict and stress.

So this is a technique which I have taught my children, which will help you redefine or re-frame a projected comment from another and have more clarity around what is going on for them. This will allow you to self-manage your own reaction instead of blindly reacting. This will instantly shift the dynamics of the conversation and will therefore stop you from taking on any of that gooey energy.

Very simply, this is how it works… As you hear a person say, you always, or you never, or you are such a …  in your own thoughts, simply replace the word YOU with the word I. Now in your thoughts you will hear,  I always do this... I am so irritating when… I am such a ….

Now that your mind is hearing I am instead of you are , you will  alleviate your inner reaction.

How simple yet effective is that? 

Even though they may not be owning up to their own self limitation by using the word I, it gives you insight into how that person sees themselves and it gives you insight into the tapestry of their thoughts and belief system.

This insight and awareness is powerful because you shift away from taking it personally to seeing the situation through compassionate eyes, because you can now see into their own belief system.

You can even take this further by reflecting that awareness back onto that person. For example, asking them, “how come you see yourself that way?” A ‘proud projector’ will have no idea what you are talking about, however it will stop you from taking on negative emotion and shrinking to staying in your power and remaining detached.

The more you remain detached the less reactive you become and the more confident and empowered you can stay.

Give it a try and let me know how you go!

To your truth and freedom with lots of love,


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