Monday, December 21, 2015

What Bad Habits are you leaving behind in 2015? Here’s a quick exercise to help

The end of year always brings a great time to reflect on the past and get clear on what you want to the next year to bring. And one of the most obvious yet often overlooked aspects of our lives is the bad habits we keep repeating year after year, keeping us stuck in the same reality. 

If we do not gain self-awareness around what bad habits are blocking us we will blindly continue to do what we always do, and will never evolve to a new more resourceful way of being.

So here is a quick and effective self-awareness exercise to help you gain clarity around what bad habits need to be left behind in 2015 so that you can leap into 2016 with greater clarity and awareness and truly allow yourself to step up and go to places you have not allowed yourself to go to before.

Print out these questions and give yourself about an hour to slowly meditate on the questions and answer as specifically and as detailed as possible…

  1. What bad habits are limiting my potential?
  2. In what ways are these bad habits limiting me?
  3. What am I missing out on as a result of my bad habits?
  4. What will be present in my life once I get rid of my bad habits? (List 10 concrete things you can think of which will be present once bad habits are shed)
  5. What prevents me from changing?
  6. What needs to happen in order for change to occur?
  7. What support do I need?
  8. What is a new positive habit that I can replace my old one with? (Answer this one for each bad habit listed)
  9. How can I reinforce my positive habit?
  10. How can I rewards myself for developing these habits?
Once you have identified your new habits, write those out clearly on their own piece of paper and stick that up where you can see them daily to help remind you what habits and behaviors you are working towards this coming year. You can also list them on your phone and use as a screen saver as reinforcement.

List your bad habits on their own separate piece of paper and do a letting go exercise by tearing it up into little pieces and burning. This allows you to emotionally and energetically commit to letting go and shedding your old self. (Great to do this upcoming full moon).

As you shed your old unresourceful habits you allow yourself to grow higher into your authentic self- the best version of you!

Enjoy and please email me if you need some help.

Wishing you a very a happy new year!

To your truth and freedom with lots of love,

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